Gurgaon, one of the most populated and commercial area of our country of recent times. Until some decades back, the area was quite isolated and had not seen the light of day. But because of the recent industrial development that has happened in the area of Delhi, Gurgaon has also seen a lot of changes.

Also, there are a lot of educational institutions in this area, which has attracted a lot of masses to the area. So many people migrate to the area of Gurgaon for educational as well as professional purposes. And as these people come to reside in the area of Gurgaon, the need for accommodation also increases. Which is why there are innumerable building firms that are present in Gurgaon.


One such building firm very popular in Gurgaon is the ILD Group in Gurgaon. It is a branch of group that comes from the ALM group of industries. The group has done a lot of work in the area of Gurgaon.

The group aims at constructing affordable housing for people so that people save money when they move into their new houses.

Even currently, the group has a lot of projects going on in Gurgaon itself. Two of which are very popular and awaited.

Let us look at both of the projects and the perks of investing in them.

The first project of the group is the ILD Grand Centra. The project is initiated by the group in the sector 37 C of Gurgaon. The project has been awaited by a lot of investors as this project is one of its kind. The project is a combination of low rates and best facilities.

But before anything, let us first tell you the perk of investing in the ILD Grand,

  • You get modern amenities at the least price possible. The property is very modestly priced and the services provided is way better than its price.
  • You get facilities like swimming pool, club house, high end securities, high tech fire alarms and complete power back up facility.

Not just this, there are a lot more perks of investing in the ILD grand centra. The complete details can be found on the internet.

Now let us go on to the second project that we are going to talking about. Thought the group keeps on constructing various projects all the time, the ILD Arete in Sohna road has caught the attention of a lot of investors.

The Arete is the apartment for you if you are looking for a lavish high class house for yourself. The project is luxuriously designed by the builders and is meant to satisfy the desire for a good standard of living.


Let’s see some perks of investing in the ILD Arete,

  • Just like the Grand, the Arete also is very considerably priced. Though it is a little more expensive than the grand it still is worth it.
  • It has the most luxurious and lavish amenities possible.
  • It has amazing infrastructure.

These were the two projects by the ILD group that are currently in their ongoing stage. The bookings for these projects have already started and the investors have attacked on these projects.

So if you are moving and are planning to own a new apartment in Gurgaon and save some money as well, projects like the ILD Grand and Arete is the best option for you.

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