carbonic acid

Carbonic Acid Uses and Applications

Carbonic acid forms when carbon dioxide gas dissolves in water. Carbonic Acid is known as a weak acid which dissolves in the water slowly. It is mostly found in the soft drinks and fermented beverages. In terms of sulfuric acid, Hydrofluoric acid application, citric acid it is mild acid. It is a non toxic acid used to excrete carbon dioxide from the body. This helps the lungs to remove the carbon dioxide from the body in the form of gas.

When you put a drop of lime juice in the floor, you will see white mark on it. Even in the laundry washing soda is available to soften the water. Baking soda acts as a cooking agent helps the milky products to rise and cook. All these are due to use of carbonates and biocarbonates.

Carbonic acid follows the H2Co3 chemistry which dissolves in water. It has two types of salts carbonates and biocrabonates.  Carbonic acid used as a livening agent to improve the bubbles and fizz in soda bottles.

Carbonic acid

Uses and Application

This is used to manufacture the club soda, Pepsi and Coca-cola beverages. Carbon dioxide is dissolves in the water through pressure, so when bottle opened the carbon dioxide gas will come out with fizz.

The Nutritional science calls it is used to ferment the food. When bubbles appear on the food, It is a reaction of carbon dioxide turns into carbonic acid. There are some good bacteria of carbon dioxide has a enough pathogenic microorganism that increase the production of Vitamin B12 and K.

Excess of carbon uses can harm to decay of tooth.

Carbon dioxide dissolves in water turns into carbonic acid application, used by all mammals to buffer the blood. It is a best intermediate for better respiration.

Carbonic acid is natural, harmless weak acid usually found in carbonated beverages.

It balances the Ph level of body and water which does not response to occur limestone in the body.

The biocarbonate system into body is used to balance the HCO (carbonic Acid and Co3 (Carbon Dioxide) balance the Ph level and improve metabolism.



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