How to Trace TDS Challan Status Online

Check TDS Challan Status

Tax Information Network has established a new way to trace the TDS Challan status online.  It is an actual way to see that tax amount is transferred on your name. If you also want to see your TDS Challan status you can view it online through the under mentioned guidelines.

What is Challan 280/ 281

Challan 280/ 281 is the significant challan to deposit the amount of taxes. It is available at TIN NSDL portal to pay your returns. It is a common platform where the payer can pay the online taxes hassle free. In return the challan 281 provides the unique serial no from which person can track the person is able to view that money paid by the user is transferred to the authorized person’s name. It helps you to keep the records of payment and taxes.


How to View TDS Challan Status Online

  • You need to open the tin-nsdl portal first.
  • You have two options to select there. One is tax payer and second for collecting banks. choose tax payer option.
  • Now select CIN (Challan Identification No) option here.
  • Now enter the details required.
  • In first column enter the BSR code of the collecting branch.
  • Now in the second column enter the Challan Tender Date.
  • In the third column enter Challan Serial No (CIN) no.
  • Deposited amount is optional you can omit this.
  • Now write the Captcha image shown in the column.
  • Finally click on view tab.

Now you are able to see TDS Challan Status online. This will show you all the details of challan payment. Like the date when you paid tax, the deposited amount. It also shows you that the amount you paid is transferred on your name.

This online tax accounting system is developed for the benefits of tax payers. At the time of tax audits this becomes boon for the tax payers. it reduces  the risk of tax defaults of the government. TDS online payment is accessible at the e-Tax payment portal. Once you do online tds payment you can view the TDS payment details through Challan status.

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