Why Emojis Are So Popular

Why Emojis Are So Popular?

Emojis are the “heart” of any text conversation. They are the most interactive elements of any conversation. Over the internet, it may be difficult to express your feelings, emojis can help you to do the same. You and your friends may probably be using different emojis in your chats. Those cute little faces to broken heart emoji, it is very interesting and easy to use them in your day to day conversation.

What is Emoji and how did they come into existence?

Emojis came into existence with the trend of Japanese mobile phones in 1999. An emoji is a Japanese name for picture+ character. However, these emojis or emoticons are used by business professionals in their emails and formal text. These emojis are very helpful to make your conversation more expressive and meaningful.

You might come across a new emoji and think “what does this emoji mean?” The use of emoji by people is increasing day by day as they are the smartest way to handle a conversation.  But sometimes, the emoji that we use according to our thinking and perception might look different according to the device/application that is being used by us.

However, there is a specific meaning to every emoji that we use. There are various types of emojis available on your keyboard, there isn’t a specific number to it. However, according to some statistics, the basic specification contains 1706 symbols and considering single Unicode characters, there are 1144 emojis.

Emojis vs Emoticons

As many of you have no idea if there is any difference between emojis and emoticons, well, there is. Emojis and emoticons are not the same. Emojis are visual-based while emoticons are text-based. An emoticon is a typographic display of facial presentation that is used to convey an emotion in the text medium.  For e.g: 😉

Though making emoticons may be a bit challenging but they are quite interesting to make. Lenny face is one such emoticon. Lenny face is a popular message board meme emoticon which is very popular over the real world. You can make all Lenny faces by referring to the guide on how to make a Lenny face. For e.g: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Emojis are actual pictures, unlike emoticons. Right from the painted nails to a woman raising her hand, emojis represent everything visually.


Make a Fascinating Conversation by Using Emojis

You can make your chats fun and interesting by using these cute emojis. You know which are the most popular emojis used, so, don’t forget to utilize them to make your conversations more funny and meaningful.

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