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10 Proven Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster And Longer

Hair fall is the pain point of every woman nowadays, but what is more daunting is the after-effects. What happens when your hair doesn’t grow after the dreary hair fall season? Panic. A panic that causes stress and even more hair fall.


What we have come up with is the solution to grow your hair faster and even increase their thickness so that such a hair fall crisis doesn’t strike you again anytime soon. Let’s get those proven and tested ways for you…


10 Proven Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster And Longer


Vitamins Supplements

Hair fall is caused mainly due to weak and damaged hair. Oiling is surely a method to make them stronger and grow faster, but tell me from the bottom of your heart, who likes oiling nowadays? That’s where vitamin supplements come in the picture. These are good for calcium growth in your body and thus helps improve your bones too along with hairs.


Hair Growth Serum

Damaged hair is the root cause of frizz and rough hair quality, which eventually leads to lesser hair growth and more hair fall. Nourishing them will oil won’t repair them, it only makes them moisturized. A hair growth serum that works on your frizz is the solution you are looking for in case of damaged hair.


Frequent Trims

Split ends aren’t only a black spot to your hairstyle or beauty, they are the growth hurdles for hairs. Split ends don’t allow the nutrients to pass through the hair length and thus stops the hair growth. The best way to get rid of them is to trim them off. And no, like any other advertisement you have seen, the shampoos don’t treat your split ends well.


Deep Conditioning – Hair Mask

Hair conditioning is a good thing that you do regularly, but deep nourishing is the need of the hour with the pollution rising like anything. Hair masks are salon proven conditioners and smoothness for hair.


Daily Shampoo Your Hair

Its myth that daily shampooing damages your hair, even the salon experts have suggested washing your hair daily to give them the nutrients that aren’t obtained from the body. While you are at it, make sure you wash your hair with COLD water and not even lukewarm water.


Avoid Daily Usage Of Heat Stylers

Straighteners, curlers, and crimping machines are good for your daily styling but they burn out the nutrients of your hair. Use them less often and use them with a serum, that is the key. Once in a week is a good frequency for heat tools usage.

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