The Invention Of Clothing And Religious Aspect Attached To It

According to the study published by a senior professor of university of Florida which states that humans, who think that clothing as a tradition started around 70,000 years ago is not exactly correct. It dates back to more than 150000 years ago when people felt cold due to their transition from warmer climates of Africa to colder climates on the northern hemisphere in the search of food.

After this much time passed, radicalization into the clothing can be seen from just putting a cloth over one’s body to the whole emergence of fashion industry. Women, men, teenagers, children etc. can be termed as categories of fashion. But still there are certain clothes which can be easily identified as the symbol of various religions.

Christian Countries Clothing

Christian countries have been more advances in their clothing styles. They have innovated, experimented and also kept their religious aspect intact. From cheap Christian t shirts to the robes, everything symbolizes the culture in invention well.


Hindu Countries Clothing

In India, mostly adults and Children’s clothing pajamas and kurta but still they can be differentiated on the basis of their looks but the women clothing can be easily differentiated as there are certain restrictions more or less on different styles. But at the time of festivals such as Navratri even males can distinguish because of change in their apparel.



Islamic Countries Clothing

Islam has its own style of getup. Adults and children’s wear pajamas and kurtas but with the same they can be seen with a round cap (Taqiya) on their head due to their beliefs. Women can be differentiated from any other religious because of burkah they wear, with which they cover their whole body.




Buddhist Countries Clothing

They have been the pioneers of the robe and that too mono color as Lord Buddha proliferated it as traditional clothing in the monk countries that follows Buddhism. The Theravada Buddhist of today still wear robes dyed in saffron orange color. In addition, they also wear robes in other spice colors which include shades of paprika, cumin, and curry.





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