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Which Is The Best Fan for Industries? – Be Smart And Choose HVLS

As you can see, I questioned and answered in the title itself. Why? Because it is clear that nothing is a better option than HVLS fans. Do you know why? If yes, you are really smart. And if no, don’t worry; I’m here to help you.

What Are HVLS Fans?

HVLS stands for High Volume Low-Speed fans. They have greater than 2.1 meters of a diameter that ensures a large volume of air displacement. One, just one HVLS fan can replace multiple normal fans. In simple terms, these fans are the solution to many large facility problems.


Small fans create small turbulence that doesn’t even last that long making it inefficient for any industrial area. To keep the industries well ventilated, HVLS fans are the best choice as they are especially originated to provide the most functional and efficient benefits.


Some of the famous HVLS fan manufactures in India are Ambica, Kelley, and Austar industries. HVLS fan blade wingspans range from 6 to 24 feet and therefore can move large volumes of air with minimum energy.

Benefits Of HVLS Fans

Saves Up To 80% Money

As I said earlier, one HVLS fan can replace multiple fans and can still provide better performance. Just after 6 months of installation, you will see how it saves about 80% cost of operating.

It enables more productive workers, more steadfast inventory quality, appreciably lower heating, and cooling and fewer maintenance costs.

Easy Installation

You might be thinking it would take hell a lot of time and capital to install these long fans. Well, if you are thinking about that, you’ll be happy to know that HVLS fans require no ductwork. It can work in conjunction with your existing HVAC system. This even keeps your investment low and returns high.

Save On Maintenance

Just, for instance, think one 24 foot HVLS fan replaces two dozen 36-inch fans, imagine how less maintenance is required. Moreover, HVLS fans require low maintenance as compared to normal fans itself. They have a long lifespan and therefore they are the perfect definition of investment.

Boost Safety

HVLS fans come with safety insurance and it’s not just something to say. In warehouses, the exposed materials can get damaged due to the uneven heat distribution in the air as it can cause water to pool on exposed materials.

Also, due to condensation on the concrete floor, it can be hazardous for the employees to plunge. HVLS fans help even out the air and disperse water vapor to prevent it from pooling in the work area.

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