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A Delhi Traffic challan is a notification issued by the local traffic police to a car when it fails to obey the traffic rules and regulations on the roads. The challenging is generally legal for a limited period of time. Usually the challan isn’t a bailable document.

However, if the driver fails to respond to the letter posted on the vehicle, his car will be slapped with a fine for not complying with the traffic rules. Failure to pay the fine within the given time will land the driver in deep trouble. It can even result in suspension of license. Also you can know about home rent in vadodara guide online.

Every year, as per the rule of the government, the revenue department posts fines for those who fail to keep their vehicles under control on the roads. These violations are classified into two different types. The first type of fine includes common traffic offenses. These include failure to signal right or left, running out of license, failure to stop at red lights, ignoring traffic signals, and so on. The second type of traffic violation is considered serious traffic offense and is punishable by fine or imprisonment.

What is Delhi Traffic Commission?

All such violations are taken very seriously and are punished with heavy penalties. According to the Delhi Traffic Commission (DTC), there are certain guidelines which are to be followed by a driver while driving on the roads. The guidelines provided by the Delhi Traffic Commission also define the types of traffic fines, one is liable to pay.

For instance, a person who receives a fine for driving without a seatbelt can get it replaced by him with a belt after he serves his first punishment. There are many other variations which are applied in accordance with the traffic law.

Rules for Traffic Challan

The rules which govern the traffic in Delhi can be quite complicated for all the residents of the city. For example, a driver is punished if he does not have a proper seatbelt on his vehicle. However, some of the strictest rules are applicable in Delhi only. For instance, it is essential that a person driving his car on the roads should be alert at all times and should be aware of the traffic rules which he is supposed to follow.

If a driver fails to follow this advice, he may be fined heavily. However, most people do not know that they are actually breaking the law if they do not follow the road safety regulations in Delhi. For instance, in case of red lights and stop signs, the driver is required to abide by them. Failure to do so results in a heavy penalty for the offender.

Driving Rules in Delhi

There are also certain restrictions which a driver is supposed to observe while driving in Delhi. One such regulation states that a passenger must not take any hands or drive any vehicle while others do not have any such restriction. Violation of any of these regulations results in a heavy fine which a driver has to pay within a certain period of time.

Any individual who is found driving without a helmet or without a proper driving license is liable for a criminal case. Even though the law does not mention it explicitly, but one can safely presume that failure to follow the law in this case will land him/her in serious trouble.

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Final Words

While driving through congested traffic in Delhi, it becomes imperative to be alert at all times. Avoid being distracted by your surroundings and stay focus on the road. Remember, if you are a victim of traffic jam you can always consult an experienced driver who will help you out in clearing the obstruction. It is highly recommended that you follow the red signal law and stick to the directions given. Staying alert on the road is absolutely important if you want to avoid getting into any kind of trouble. These Delhi traffic jams can actually be avoided with enough precaution and driving skills.

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