4 Tips on How to Buy Your Kid’s First Football Cleats

So, your kid seems to be quite interested in playing football and it is time for you to finally invest in a good pair of cleats. Buying a pair of cleats is quite simple but choosing a good pair of soccer cleats can be a little daunting especially when your kid is way too excited to get his/her first football cleats. Do not rush it! Take your time and if feasible invest a little more and buy good quality cleats.

The right football cleats will make your kid’s experience better and more fun while the wrong ones can make your kid lose interest in the game. No! I am not exaggerating here. I have seen my cousin lose interest in football. To make your work a little easier and a little less daunting, we have some tips for every parent out there on how to buy your kid’s first football cleats.

Football Cleats

Fix Your Budget

Buying quality cleats are essential and they can be quite costly. So, set aside some savings for your kid’s cleats. You don’t need to buy what Ronaldo wears but you still need to buy something that fits your kid correctly and is comfortable.

Buying a branded pair of cleats is a better choice as they use better material which can enhance control as well as a grip while playing the ball. For example, Nike Tiempo Legend Vii is comfortable with a good grip and also is quite stylish so your kid will surely love it. This one is not as expensive as some of the other models but still gives what your kid will need on the field.

Playing Surface

Football is a versatile game played on different surfaces like firm ground, soft ground, artificial grass, real grass, indoor, Astroturf, etc. When you go shopping for cleats, keep in mind the surface that your kid will be playing football on. Cleats for each surface are designed a little differently for better balance and traction on the playing surface.

Each surface has a different feel and your kid will need their cleats according to the surface. If you pick up the first cleat that fits your budget without checking for which surface it is designed for, your kid may be open to the risk of injuries. So, pick the cleats according to the surface.

Your Kid’s Position

You must know that football players are assigned different positions such as mid-fielders, goalkeeper, center-back, wing-back, and more. If your kid is in the offensive or defensive line, instead of buying lightweight cleats, buy sturdy and supportive cleats. But if your kid is all about agility and skills, lightweight will be more suitable.

No matter the position of your kid, buying branded cleats is a better choice. If your kid plays more than one position, check out the 5 best football shoes offered by Nike and you will find something that will fit your budget and can be used for different positions. If your kid’s position is not decided, buy one that is the most comfortable.


Cleat’s upper portion is usually made of leather or synthetic material. If your budget is high, buy leather cleats as they are more breathable and durable. Plus, they are very comfortable as they fit well without causing any irritation. Cleats made of synthetic material are cheaper and are not breathable but they provide good support.