Download Face-time for PC

Facetime is a face to face chatting video calling app was first launched by Apple for their iPhones. After the huge success of this app, now it is available for all Android and iOS devices for free download and uses for app addict download, this is known as the first VoIP calling app which gives the users fun to get the face to face conversation. Now no need to tire your fingers for tapping on keys, in just one tap you are able for face to face talking with the friends and relatives worldwide. No matter you are away from your closest ones still you can convert them all your emotions via this instant videos calling app. Now if you want the fun of chatting in large screens of PC then you need to wait and follow our guidelines we are going to show you here. Don’t worry you need not to give any extra money for this. If you have internet and latest drives computer then you can easily install Facetime for PC. But before giving you that knowledge let us show you the important features of this app.


Facetime features

  • Facetime is the one cross-platform beautifully built by the iPhone developers
  • This is the first app launched by the apple for communicating people worldwide
  • You can easily sink your contacts with the automatic add friends facility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Messaging, photo sharing, video sharing and other useful stickers to generate your plea of emotion
  • Heart-winning app now easily available to use in every smartphone device

How to download Facetime for PC

Facetime is an instant messaging application click here, give you the short way to communicate your friends and relatives. Now you can easily get the fun of chatting in the big screen of pc with the guidelines we are going to mention over here. Please look at it and follow properly.

  • First, install android emulator
  • There are few android emulators like bluestacks, Andy available in the market
  • Bluestacks is one trusted brand of emulator software
  • If you want you can also go for Andy
  • The process will be the same for them
  • You need to search the app inside the search bar of bluestacks
  • Now click on install once you type characters of the app
  • Your app is installed now

Find your app and give a mouse click here to hangout with your friends from now. No need to individually add your friends, facetime will consider your contacts automatically. So here is the clear cut way of downloading facetime in PC.


Get Hike Messenger For PC free Guidelines

Hike is a Made in India app turned up in the most loved app in the last couple of years. Truly it’s a unique social messaging app provides free messaging, video sharing, image sharing, and group chatting. Like Whatsapp, Nimbuzz, Facebook messenger this app has its special service addicted to the millions of the users worldwide. This is absolutely free to use in all Android and iOS electronic devices all across the planet. This app is restricted to download in PC and still no direct way is emerged to download Hike in PC directly. You can also download wechat on Windows 7 Pc in a similar fashion. But still with the subordinate way of emulator Hike is possible to transform in PC hassle-free. We will let you know the complete procedure how with emulators you can install Hike for PC. Before taking into that procedure let us show you the Key Feature of Hike here.

Hike Download

Hike Features

  • Free group chatting with 100 people simultaneously in just one single flinger tap
  • Free calling in 200+ countries worldwide
  • Works well in 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi
  • You can also send free 100 SMS to them who are not using hike
  • Third top free app under India Apple App Store
  • Starts in one click for its user friendly interface
  • 5000+ awesome stickers and smiley to express emotions
  • Ready to use in 4G connection to send file up to 100 MB

Hike For PC Guidelines

Obvious this tempting feature allures everyone to download Hike app in PC. Follow appsforpcdownloads.com for more such guides. As we have talked before android emulator is the perfect way to download Hike for PC. We will use here Bluestacks and let run Hike for PC with using it. Let’s start our installation process now.

  1. Install bluesatkcs and open it
  2. Find Hike app in the search column
  3. Now make a click on install tab
  4. You will see that the installation process is started now
  5. Please let it continue till the total process not finish
  6. Go back to bluestacks main page and find the logo of hike
  7. Now you are ready to use this app in just one mouse click

Your journey of Hike for PC ends here. Now you can do conversation with across the earth friends and relatives. You can easily get connected with the group of people and invite your friends into a group chat. With one mouse click, you can hang out with your far living friends and express your emotions with amazing stickers available in this app


Paranoid Android ROM For Android Smartphones

Paranoid Android is an absolute custom rom with full focus on an enthralling experience for the users who have rooted their phones and installed this beautiful. It aims to extend the currently existing system and further enhance the beauty of android. Paranoid Android works on the same design and philosophies that were set forward by Google for the Android Open Source Project. Paranoid Android offers a lot more features than any other rom out there.

Paranoid Android ROM For Android Smartphones


In short, Paranoid Android is stock android rom sort of. It offers features like scaling certain on-screen elements making them bigger or smaller. This blazing fast rom comprises best in class customization features.

It comes with a “Hover” feature, which is fascinating to use. It provides a better multitasking environment when working across various apps. This feature enables you to interact with the notifications as they arrive without leaving the app or game or anything whatever you are doing at that moment. This feature comes in handy whenever a user is watching a video or working on an official document and a notification arrive. This feature let you handle the notification without pausing the video or without having to leave the document midway. So it all about user satisfaction. There is no way a normal android user can use a feature like this on a manufacturer-installed firmware. So you have to go through rooting to avail these amazing features.

Paranoid Android brings on board another fascinating feature known as “Immersive Mode”. This immersive mode gives you more space on the screen and brings the entire screen at your disposal. So immersive mode comes in handy when you are watching a movie or video. This feature cannot be availed without rooting the Android phone and installing this custom rom.

This fantastic rom brings a new fantastic feature in the form of “Peek”. It is just another notification preview app with a twist. Peek gives you the information about all your notifications and without having to unlock your device or waking it up. Sounds pretty awesome, right? If a notification arrives and you move your phone to take a look at the notification Peek got that covered for you and wakes the screen up and displays the notification details. So after installing this rom, you don’t have to wake the screen up again and again if a new notification arrives. Peek will do that for you from now.

Apart from all the notification previewing apps and immersive mode it brings the awesome functionality of “Pie” controls along with it. Pie works best in landscape mode and lets you switch from one app to another with just a swipe gesture can perform a specific task like switching data connection on, or off or anything like that based on your choice.

It comes with a built-in Theme engine which allows users to apply thousands of beautiful themes and feel the power of Android. With all these hyper customizations and smoothness and ultra-fast user interface, it is among the best custom ROMs out there and has garnered much appreciation for usable features. From time to time Paranoid Android releases which include bug-fixes or new feature which may directly be downloaded on to the rooted device and installed. Paranoid Android is ready to rock your rooted Android smartphone and gives you awesome best in a class android experience you have wished for. As this rom is free of any bloatware or spyware it is almost bugless and works on almost all android devices based on Google Android Open Source Project.

dead-trigger-2 on pc

Install Dead Trigger 2 on windows

Dead Trigger is acknowledged as the best gameplay for the thrilling actions in the Google Play stores. This game has increased its popularity through its horror actions while fighting with Zombies. All android users are offered to play this game absolutely free. In order to increase demand for Dead Trigger 2 on Windows, we are here to serve you the best. Before going to the process of installation of what pc version, let’s start getting fun with its remarkable features to know more about this game.

Features of Dead Trigger 2


If you are fond of horror films and deadly scenes then Dead Trigger 2 is the best choice for you to play. the game allows the user to become a dirty man to fight with Zombies. Zombies are the creature who drink the blood of humans and kills them. After killing them they turn those human beings into Zombies. As fast as you kill them the game passes the levels itself. Your duty is to save those human beings, becoming Zombies. Audio Quality and Graphics are unbeatable to experience real action in the game.

How to install Dead Trigger 2 on windows

To install Dead Trigger 2 on PC, all you need is to download Bluestacks; the most reliable android software to run all android apps and games from appsforpcdownloads.com. Here we will link you with the matter how to experience Dead Trigger 2 on the big screen of windows.

  1. First, apply Bluestacks offline installer on PC.
  2. Then open it and find Dead Trigger 2 on the search tool.
  3. Install it and wait for some time.
  4. Once the installation finished, then go back to Bluestacks> All Apps and find the logo of Dead Trigger 2 on the computer screen.
  5. Just open it and start using this deadly game on PC’s big screen.

We are sure that this procedure will be very much easy for you to follow. We have almost shared all the necessary functions to download this game on PC. Hopefully, you will like this article and enjoy the best gameplay on the wide screen of windows.