White Label PPC Services – 2X the Growth of Your Clients

Do you desire to grow your PPC agency venture? But struggling to get projects or retain employees. Or any other underlying reason. Read on to get all the answers to the questions you have. We are well aware of the struggles and stepping stones that PPC agencies face. Here, we will not only provide you with solutions to challenges but reveal a formula that will aid the positive growth of your PPC company.

Adopting White Label PPC services is the solution to all your problems and the formula for upwards growth. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the concept of white labels. Or well aware of what it is, and thinking of hiring a white label PPC agency. This guide is curated to solve the problems at all levels.

Benefits of White Label PPC Management

There are numerous benefits you get when you work with a white label advertising company. With collaboration you can benefit in all aspects, be it expert handling, growth, and economic benefit.

Below are some key benefits of working in collaboration with PPC marketing agencies;

  1. Working with a white-label agency can bring a fresh perspective to solving problems. It’s an opportunity to learn, benefit and grow from each other’s knowledge and experience.
  2. A lot of energy, time, and resources are lost to train new employees. By partnering with google ads white label company you can get rid of all the headaches when someone else will take care of your advertisement campaigns.
  1. When two companies will work together to achieve the same goal. The advertising process will become streamlined and quick. It will be a win-win for both companies and you will be saving a lot of time, money, and resources.
  2. The results delivered by white label agencies can be showcased as your own. It’s one of the best ways to improve the presence and brand name of your company.
  3. While your advertising campaigns will be managed by white label agency. It will be an opportunity to expand the range of services you offer in your digital marketing venture.

Types of Online Advertising Campaigns

There are various online ad platforms like search engines, social media, and video platforms. Each platform allows different types of ads that can be run on a platform. Some platforms may offer multiple ad types according to the user base of each platform. Below are the top 5 most popular types of ads that are most used by online marketers.

  1. Search Ads 

Search ads are a form of online ads that are displayed on search results of the search engine in response to specific search queries entered by users. These ads typically appear at the top or bottom of the search results according to the competition of the keyword. The promoted links are generally denoted with ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’ on top of the link. Optimization of the landing page is essential for the ad’s success.

  1. Display Ads 

The display ads are generally not triggered by keywords but by the history of the user. These ads appear on sidebars or pop-ups on the website when the user is searching or surfing a website. The ads appear based on the search history of the user.

  1. Videos Ads

These are most popular among multinational brands or big brands. And for good reasons. The videos are the most viewed and shared across the whole globe and generally have low competition. When placed at the right time and targeted right keyword, Videos can bring lots of leads and sales for your client.


  1. Shopping Ads 

Running shopping ads is an efficient technique if your clients have products that are being sold online. By running shopping campaigns your clients can appear on top of the search results outranking mammoths like Amazon and Flipkart. An effective way to bring in more clinks, leads, and sales. You can promote shopping ads for your Ecommerce store on Instagram platform.

  1. Social Media Ads

The name gives it all. The ads that you see on various social media like platforms like Facebook marketplace for small businesses, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more! Social media ads are difficult due to the volatility of the trends on social media campaigns. Additionally, the advertiser must have knowledge of different social media platforms and the demographics of the platforms.

These were some of the most important ad platforms. There are many unpopular platforms like Gmail and Snapchat where you can run ads according to the framed strategy and goals. 

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